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Written testimonials from doctors on the effectiveness of the Asthma 401 course taught by the Asthma Education Clinic.

“AEC educators save 15 minutes time for new allergy patients. — Dr. Joshua Gibbs”

“Estimate Asthma Nurse Educators save me 35 minutes per patient of time I would have to invest in patient education. — Dr. Mark H Ellis, January 23, 2009”

Testimonials for Asthma 401

It has now been several years since I participated in the AEC’s Asthma 401 Teleconference but I can still highly recommend it.

I feel that it really covered all aspects of the exam and the educational materials were outstanding. Your book on cultural diversity came in handy in preparing for the exam but also in understanding the diverse population that we serve every day. The workbook with case scenarios was definitely an asset as many of the AE-C test questions are in that format. The workbook with sample test questions and the medication and delivery systems book were also excellent. I enjoyed the format of the teleconference for several reasons. I liked that I could take the course in the comfort of my own home and that I didn’t have to drive to another location after working all day. I found it helpful that I had time to review the material and do my homework in advance of the teleconference each week - a very systematic approach.

This course gave me the confidence I needed to take the test and I felt very prepared going in. I have recommended this course to other.
— Vickie Redd, RN, AE-C Pediatric Nurse Clinician, MCGHealth


Anaphylaxis – Facts and Treatment

A one-page guide to anaphylaxis, including facts, symptoms and treatments.

The Asthma Educator’s Glossary

A glossary of terms for Asthma Educators and other Health Care Professionals.

One Minute Asthma

An 82 page guide to help patients with asthma, written by Thomas F. Plaut, M.D.
Also available in Spanish.