Asthma 401: Train while you work.

Asthma 401 is our training course for asthma educators. The course size is limited to only 15 persons – register now to avoid disappointment.

About Asthma 401

Asthma 401 is a live course taught by phone. It runs for 8 weeks. Classes are held by teleconference once a week in the evenings – from 8 to 10 pm EST (5 to 7 pm PT) with each class lasting for 2 hours.

While first and foremost a training course for asthma educators, Asthma 401 also provides excellent preparation for the Certification examination. It covers all the topics in the NAECB study matrix, and is based on the NHLBI Expert Panel Report 3 (EPR3) guidelines.

Asthma 401 offers numerous other advantages: no travel, no hotel stays, live instructors, small class sizes, no time spent away from family or home, and the ability (as in a classroom) to interact with other participants and ask questions. And because Asthma 401 is not a condensed weekend course, you learn at a relaxed pace. In addition, after each Tuesday evening class, you can use your new knowledge the very next day at your clinic or hospital.

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Includes instruction and all course materials.

$300 (Auditor price)
Includes new lecture slides, instruction. Does not include any other materials.


Tuesdays (for 8 weeks)


To be announced


8 pm – 10 pm EST
5 pm –  7 pm PT


If you are a physician, an Asthma 401 graduate can save you time (our graduates report savings of at least 10 minutes of time saved) on each asthma patient you see. Asthma educators who have taken Asthma 401 are able to handle many of the education, counseling and medication related tasks that you currently perform. As a result, you can see more patients each day. At the same time, your patients continue to receive excellent care. Get in touch or call us toll-free at (888) 278-4626 for more details.

If you’re already an Asthma 401 graduate

Asthma 401 is constantly updated. If you are an Asthma 401 graduate, you can audit this course for just $290. You will receive the new lecture slides, listen to the lectures and participate in the class discussions, but will not receive other materials.


Asthma 401 covers both the medical and teaching skills you need to become a good educator. It also includes every topic needed for the certification examination. Course topics include:

  • Handling an asthma exacerbation
  • Devising an Asthma Action Plan
  • Age-related problems in asthma
  • When to refer patients to a specialist
  • Teaching techniques
  • Methods for educating the patient with asthma
  • Identifying psychosocial factors, socio-economic problems and educational needs
  • How to teach patients of different age-groups
  • How to plan a teaching session and what to teach
  • Outcomes measurement – evaluating your educational efforts
  • Asthma and its pathophysiology
  • Measures of assessment and monitoring
  • Classification of severity and control
  • Differential diagnoses
  • Control of asthma triggers
  • Asthma medications and the patient
  • Asthma medication devices and how to teach patients to use them
  • Co-morbidities of asthma including rhinitis, sinusitis, GERD, ABPA, etc.
  • Asthma and pregnancy
  • Anaphylaxis


Asthma 401 is conducted by two qualified, experienced instructors. Live sessions are presented interactively by phone. The instructors briefly present a point, then stop for questions and discussion. Because of the limited class size (15 persons maximum), it is easy to participate and make your voice heard.

Course materials in digital format

You receive a comprehensive course and reference package consisting of textbooks, workbooks, reprints and other digital materials:


  1. The Fundamentals of Teaching: Guidelines for Asthma Educators (2nd edition)
  2. Delivery Devices for Asthma and COPD Medication: Selection, Use and Care (6th edition)
  3. “When I Nod, I Don't Mean Yes!”: Behavioural guidelines for health professionals working with people from other cultures.


  • Case Studies in Asthma Management: A Learning Aid for Asthma Educators (2nd edition)
  • Practice Multiple-Choice Questions for Asthma Educators (3rd edition)


  • Environmental Triggers of Asthma (3rd edition)
  • Asthma and its Associated Conditions (3rd edition)
  • Asthma and the Elderly

Other items

  • Asthma Quick Reference Chart (2017 edition)
  • Spirometry Quick Reference Chart (2016 edition)
  • Medications Quick-Reference Chart (2017 edition)
  • pMDI Quick Reference Chart

On-going materials

Throughout the course, you will also receive e-mails with additional reading materials, links to web sites and similar useful items.

CE credits

Attendees to the Asthma 401 course will receive 28.8 CE credits on completion of the course. 


Course fees are $1,200. 

Special offer – separate classes for five or more registrants from one office or location

If you and four colleagues (minimum: 5 persons) register at the same time, you qualify for special discounts and benefits.

We will conduct a separate class just for you, at a time that is convenient to all of you. You will also qualify for discounted course fees and shipping costs. Certain conditions apply. Call us toll-free at 1-888-278-4626 for details. Your colleagues do not have to work at your clinic or hospital – they can work for different employers.

Additional details

For complete details call us toll-free at (888) 278-4626 or at (780) 988-6014.